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T e a c h i n g 

       My goal as a both a professional musician and as a teacher is to enrich the lives of my students through music by creating a positive and inspirational learning environment. I work with each student individually to determine the best instructional strategies for him or her, taking into account each student’s learning style and prior musical experience. The goal of weekly lessons is to help each student learn more about the flute and improve their own musical abilities, encouraging the development of a love for music and the creative outlet it provides. 

       My teaching experience extends the last five years at a summer lessons program in Breese, IL. Teaching students from fifth to eighth grade, I had the opportunity work with students one-on-one at the very beginning of their musical career and help establish the necessary fundamentals to help them becoming independent and successful musicians. Outside of teaching flute, I have also taught piano through Millikin University's Preparatory Department. The ages of my students ranged from five to nine years old. 

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